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22 february 2021 year

An example of a contract for 3d visualization of interior or exterior. He will help you insure yourself against possible unpleasant situations..

The gray words in parenthese are hints. Don't leave them in your working version of the contract.

If necessary, change it or add the clauses you need to this contract. For example: if you want your customer to pay for 3d models purchased for his project, add this condition in section 3.2. "Rights and obligations of the Customer". Or, if necessary, change the payment currency to the one in which you work.

Contract №___

to develop a 3d image

interior / exterior (3d rendering)

«_____» _______________ 202__year. c._______ ( your city / country )

Parties to the contract: ________________________________, hereinafter referred to as the "Customer", from the one side, and ________________________________, hereinafter referred to as the «3D visualization company», on the other side, have entered into this agreement as follows:

1. Subject of the contract

1.1. The customer instructs and undertakes to accept and pay for the result of the work performed. The 3D visualization company undertakes the obligation to develop a 3d image of the interior / exterior (3d visualization) within the specified timeframe - ____ working days according to the approved terms of reference.

1.2. Upon completion of the work, the 3D visualization company hands over, and the Customer accepts the work performed by the 3D visualization company.

2. Cost of work and settlement procedure

2.1. The total cost of work is - _________ ( numbers ) ( ________________________________ $. ( in words )).

2.2. Specified in p. 2.1. of this agreement, the amount is the contractual price for the entire period of this Agreement and can be revised only if the scope of work changes.

2.3. The Customer pays to the 3D visualization company the amount of _________ $. in the form of advance payment within ____ (__________ (in words)) banking days from the date of signing the agreement.

2.4. Final settlement of _________ $ the Customer makes to the 3D visualization company on the day the 3D visualization company submits the work and the Customer signs the Acceptance Certificate for the work performed.

3. Rights and obligations of the parties

3.1. Rights and obligations of the 3D visualization company:

3.1.1. Within the period established by the contract, it is necessary to complete and provide the Customer with 3D visualization of the interior/exterior The work can be provided to the Customer in A4 format printed on photo paper or via the Internet via e-mail or messenger.

3.1.2. Inform the Customer, upon his requests, about the state of affairs in the implementation of this agreement, within a pre-established time frame.

3.1.3. Eliminate errors and supplement 3D visualization of the interior/exterior upon receipt of a comment claim from the Customer regarding the quality of the 3D visualization developed by the 3D visualization company or its non-compliance with the terms of reference within ___________ working days.

3.2. Rights and obligations of the Customer:

3.2.1. Before starting the work, transfer to the 3D visualization company the technical task necessary for the work to be performed.

3.2.2. The customer undertakes to accept and pay for the work of the 3D visualization company based on the terms of this agreement.

3.3.3. The customer has the right to appoint, based on a power of attorney, an authorized person to represent his interests under this agreement.

4. The procedure for acceptance and delivery of works

4.1. The delivery of the developed 3D visualization of the interior/exterior is carried out in the amount determined by the technical specifications of the Customer.

4.2. To transfer the finished 3D visualization of the interior/exterior, the 3D visualization company is obliged to notify the Customer about the completion of the work no later than one day following the date that is the completion date.

4.3. At the request of the Customer, the 3D visualization company can accept for execution additional volumes of work that are not a consequence of the elimination of errors or shortcomings in the work of the 3D visualization company.In this case, an additional technical task for 3D visualization of the interior/exterior with an indication of the cost and terms is drawn up and approved by the Customer. An additional agreement is signed to this agreement. The contract itself is considered to be prolonged.

4.4. Delivery of the finished work by the 3D visualization company and its acceptance by the Customer are drawn up by the Certificate of acceptance and delivery of the work performed, which is signed by both parties.

5. Terms of the fulfillment of obligations

5.1. The 3D visualization company undertakes to start work and finish them following the terms of this agreement.

5.2. Works under the contract are considered fully completed by the 3D visualization company after the parties have signed the Acceptance and Delivery Acts.

5.4. If it is necessary to change the start or end date of work, the 3D visualization company notifies the Customer about the change in the start or end date of work, indicating the reasons for changing this period no later than 1 day before its occurrence.

5.5. In the absence of a reasoned refusal of the Customer to accept the changed terms, the new terms are considered accepted by both parties under the contract.

5.6. The term of the agreement starts from the moment of its signing and ends after the parties fulfill their obligations under the agreement.

6. Responsibility of the parties. Settlement of disputes

6.1. Disputes arising under this Contract are subject to resolution and settlement by the parties through negotiations and are formalized by acts, protocols, and additional agreements.

6.2. Any dispute arising under this Contract or in connection with it, including any dispute regarding its existence, validity, or termination, not settled through negotiations, shall be submitted for consideration and final resolution in the Court of General Jurisdiction.

6.3. For non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of their obligations under this contract, the parties are responsible in accordance with the current legislation.

6.4. The Parties are not responsible for their full or partial failure to fulfill their obligations under the Agreement if such failure was caused by force majeure events: natural disasters, terrorist acts, acts of state authorities (force majeure), provided that these circumstances directly affected the fulfillment of the conditions set out in the contract. In this case, the term for the execution of this agreement will be extended for the duration of the specified circumstances. The Party that cannot fulfill its obligations due to such circumstances is obliged to immediately notify the other Party. If due to force majeure circumstances, the delay in the execution of the contract will be more than 2 (two) months, the execution of the contract is economically inexpedient and each Party has the right to withdraw from the contract or part of it.

7. Final provisions

7.1. This Agreement is made in two copies - one copy for each party and comes into force from the moment of its signing by the parties. All changes and additions to the Agreement are agreed upon, drawn up in writing, and signed by both parties.

8. Addresses and details of the parties

8.1. Customer





________________________________ (Full name, signature )

8.2. 3D visualization company





________________________________ (Full name, signature )

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