Channels of Attracting Customers for Interior Designers

14 january 2023 year

The problem of finding clients is always relevant for all professionals. This issue is no exception for interior designers. Those wishing to find their customers will have to devote a lot of time to ways to promote services, their effectiveness and the amount of required financial costs.

How to strategize to promote an interior designer

To create a competent promotion strategy, you need to take a number of steps:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses by noting a competitive advantage, whether it be: design approach, type of housing, work style, etc. This will help with positioning in the design market, which will stand out from the rest.
  • Research the target customer and highlight key characteristics. This approach will subsequently form a marketing company based on his preferences.
  • Build your own corporate identity. You can print business cards, catalogs, other documentation - this is what distinguishes a professional from a freelancer.
  • Form a portfolio. You may have to work for free for this, but in the future such training will help you find customers. To host a portfolio, it is recommended to create your own website.
  • Create social networks and register on specialized portals. Moreover, you need to use professional pages, and not personal ones, paying special attention to sites for interior designers. To do this, it is enough to place the work in the relevant sections and write a post about the beginning of the activity as a designer.
  • Notify relatives and friends about the chosen profession. The easiest way to unwind and find the first client is through friends.
  • Establish contacts with suppliers. For example, it is not uncommon when furniture and finishes sellers are asked for help in finding a designer. You need to go around the suppliers, talk with them and leave a business card with a service offer.

To unwind, you need to use all available tools. So, you can offer a free consultation from a designer, located in public places with high traffic - for example, a shopping center.

Channels of Attracting Customers for Interior Designers

Promotion methods and their effectiveness

There are many ways to promote an interior designer, but not all of them should be used. To understand the effectiveness of the method, it is necessary to calculate its conversion - the ratio of real buyers to potential ones. That is, the share of those who purchased the designer's service, and not only inquired about it. Among the most relevant methods, it is worth considering the following.


More than 80% of people when looking for a designer trust the recommendations of relatives and friends. Therefore, when working with the first clients, you need to act taking into account that you indirectly advertise your own services to their relatives and friends. It is necessary to do everything possible for the consumer to increase the likelihood of spreading positive information in the circle of loved ones. To do this, it is necessary not only to perform the work qualitatively, but also to provide for a system of rewards and referrals.

Placement of a portfolio on portals

One of the main postulates of interior designer promotion is that the work should be seen by as many people as possible. Among the most popular sites where you can place a portfolio, it is worth highlighting:

  • Behance Job;
  • 99designs;
  • Upwork;
  • FreeUp.

Collaboration with other designers

Affiliate marketing is considered one of the best promotion options. Its essence is based on attracting other specialists and benefiting from their subscribers through mutual PR within the framework of a flash mob or specific events. Collaboration is relevant even among novice designers. But it is best if the partner has more experience and more developed social networks. In rare cases, you will have to pay for PR.

Maintaining social media accounts

Proper design of social networks will attract the attention of their users. Even if it's not the target category, they can help spread the word. Recommended social networks:

  • Instagram;
  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;
  • TikTok;
  • Pinterest.

Participation in offline events

Design community events are a good option for building relationships with the public and promoting your own services. At various competitions and exhibitions, you can not only meet the right people and gain experience in interacting with potential partners, but also present your own work in the relevant segments.

Personal website promotion

More than 80% of clients conduct an initial search on the Internet before concluding a transaction and purchasing goods/services. Therefore, designers who ignore the need for a site usually lag behind competitors. However, it is not enough just to have your own web resource.

You will need to implement the promotion of a personal site. To do this, it is necessary to ensure that the site is filled with unique content and perform search engine optimization. In this case, it is recommended to delegate authority to SEO specialists, as for competent promotion, you will have to study a lot of nuances.

Content Creation

You can also attract customers through content generation: reviews and guides, podcasting and broadcasting, as well as publications in the media - all this will help to achieve attention from the audience. However, to write competent articles, you will have to have the skills of a publicist or delegate this matter to specialists.

E-mail newsletters

Promotion of interior design by sending letters to e-mails - as one of the additional options. It cannot be called the main one because of its low efficiency. Distribution can be performed both manually to key addresses, and automatically using the appropriate services.

Channels of Attracting Customers for Interior Designers

Advertising offline and online

The most effective, but also the most expensive way to get promoted is through advertising in the media, with bloggers, with the help of targeting, in ads. In this way, a wide audience coverage can be ensured. However, in some cases, you will have to pay a considerable amount for posting content - tens and hundreds of thousands of rubles.

Other ways

You can attract customers in other ways:

  • distribution of promotional products;
  • inclusion in business directories;
  • creation of a loyalty scheme;
  • sponsorship;
  • holding webinars and competitions in social networks;

How and to whom to delegate the promotion of interior design services

The implementation of an advertising company, the creation and promotion of a website in search results, as well as the maintenance of social networks - all this requires a significant amount of time, which negatively affects the productivity of the designer. Therefore, it is recommended to entrust this work to a specialist. In the market in this area, there are many companies to which you can delegate the promotion of services. When choosing a suitable company, it is necessary to take into account not only the cost of the work, but also feedback on the results of their activities.


Finding clients is a complex and multifaceted process. The choice of appropriate ways to promote an interior designer largely determines the effectiveness of a specialist. Therefore, it is so important to approach this process with all the attention and taking into account the key nuances.

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