How Much and How Does a 3D Designer Visualizer Earn Money

09 february 2023 year

If a person is engaged in 3D modeling, his hobby can grow into a source of income. Today, the demand for visualization is growing. Companies are willing to provide large sums of money for projects. However, before starting activities in this area, you need to find out how much a 3D visualizer in Russia earns per month, and how to make money on creating models.

What does a 3d visualizer do?

A 3D visualizer is a specialist who creates realistic images using programs. He must have spatial thinking, understand professional software. This profession combines creative and technical aspects. Demand for 3D rendering services is on the rise as flat images are used less and less. Specialists are in demand in various fields, including:

  • Advertising. The visualizer will be responsible for creating banners and commercials, advertising layouts.
  • Interior design. The specialist will clearly show how the idea will look after its implementation. He creates photorealistic sketches of interiors.
  • Production and trade. 3D designers are engaged in the creation of models of packaging, finishing materials, and jewelry.
  • Architecture. Visualizers are brought in to model houses, landscapes, or entire neighborhoods.

The list of areas in which a specialist is in demand is not exhaustive. If a 3D designer performs well, he will not be left without work.

How Much and How Does a 3D Designer Visualizer Earn Money

Where to make money as a 3d designer visualizer

Ready-made models are paid for by companies or citizens who need to render the image. They may offer one-time projects or ongoing collaborations. A specialist can work freelance or get a full-time job. This largely determines what the average salary of a 3D visualizer will be.


Freelancing involves earning money without concluding an employment contract. This means that a specialist will not have one employer. The designer will have to independently search for projects and set the cost of the work.

However, the difficulties are offset by the possibility of combining with the main work activity. You can earn extra money as a 3D visualizer by monetizing your hobby. As a result, a novice specialist will be able to try his hand at working remotely and estimate the number of earnings in practice. Freelance income can be earned by:

  • Exchange. Here are placed projects for which a specialist is needed. In order for a 3D visualizer to be chosen, it is necessary to submit applications, supplementing their portfolio. So potential customers will be able to appreciate the skill of a specialist.
  • Sites for finding clients. These are special resources where you can place your ads or get the customer's contact information.
  • Sales through photobanks. This method allows the 3D renderer to do what he wants to do. The specialist places the finished result of the work on specialized resources. If the buyer wants to use the image, he must provide a fee.

Getting started freelancing can be challenging. Orders are hard to come by. To get a good income, you need to develop a client base. However, a specialist can independently set the price for his services and take on as many projects as he can complete.

At the Office

To work in an office, you may need to have a specialized education. It is taken into account together with the portfolio. Therefore, it can be problematic for a beginner who has independently mastered the field to find a job. However, if you still manage to find a job, the specialist is guaranteed a stable income. Its size is determined by the employer. You can't set prices on your own.

How much does a 3D designer earn

The amount of earnings directly depends on the characteristics of the work. If the activity is carried out in a studio, the average salary is about 1000-2000$. When a visualizer works as a freelancer, the income is project-based. The price of one model depends on its complexity. On average, a specialist receives 200$ for the model. The final income depends on the workload of the specialist, the amount of time he spends on work, experience.

If a visualizer or designer is just starting out, the amount of earnings will be much lower.

If experience has already been gained, a specialist can receive much more.

How to earn more

Becoming a 3d visualizer, a specialist can develop in the profession. This will affect your income. The more a person knows how and the more competently he presents himself, the higher his earnings.

Portfolio Availability

Portfolio - the face of a specialist, on which it largely depends on whether it will be possible to receive an order. The best projects are placed in the portfolio, which allows demonstrating the professionalism of the visualizer or designer. The list of works must be periodically updated and replenished. This will provide the customer with up-to-date information. As a result, he is more likely to give the order to a specialist.

Personal Website

Having your page simplifies the development of a designer or 3D visualizer. Filling the resource with articles, the specialist will tell about himself, share the features of the profession, and attract new customers. They will find a specialist through search engines.


The sphere of 3D modeling is actively developing. To meet the demands of the market, the specialist must also improve his knowledge. To do this, you can take courses, get acquainted with new information. Skill development allows a specialist to increase the price of their services. As a result, the cost of work will increase. How much a specialist working on the Internet receives depends largely on his professionalism and the speed of improving his skills.


Thus, the profession of a 3D visualizer can be called highly paid. You can try to do such tasks without quitting your job. When you manage to find regular customers or get a job offer in an agency, you can completely switch to such work, focusing on it.

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