10 Best Tips to find Clients for Rendering services

25 october 2020 year

Freelance work has its pros and cons. You don't have to go to the office every day or leave the party before everyone else, because tomorrow you get up early for work. You can choose projects that you like. Is that great? Yes, dream job. There is only one significant problem: you constantly have to look for new orders.

We know how difficult it is, so we want to help and tell you what to do in order to quickly find new orders.

If you are a beginner 3D visualizer, first of all you need to decide on your positioning in the market. It's better to immediately imagine yourself as a boutique or studio. Even if you start alone or with one partner. The main thing is that the client must understand what he orders from the pros. Because he risks giving away work and money from a distance. Register yourself officially to be able to sign labor contracts. This is additional trust from large and regular customers, and start searching for orders.

1. Make a personal portfolio website

A personal website is necessary to better present yourself to a potential client. Any free areas on which we usually post our portfolio are limited in opportunities, and do not allow us to fully demonstrate ourselves. The description of services has been cut down, the number of possible uploaded works is limited, in order to send you a message, the customer needs to register on this platform and so on. Both you and your client are limited by the different operating conditions of these sites.

Therefore, a personal website made especially for you is the best solution for presenting your services.

In addition, with proper SEO optimization, it rises in the rankings of search engines and begins to bring clients from search engines who are looking for 3D visualization services.

As you or your studio grows, you have the opportunity to add new sections to your site that you may need in the future. For example, your studio is expanding and you need new specialists. Place an advertisement on your site about the search for employees and people will write to you themselves.

Don't forget to add your photos to the site. The client should see who he is communicating with. He must understand that he has a responsible employee ready to take responsibility.

It is not necessary to create a large and large-scale site right away. To begin with, you can make one presentation page (Landing page) with a description of services, examples of work and all possible contacts. And over time, refine it as needed. This will add at least confidence to you and your work.

10 Best Tips to find Clients for Rendering services

2. Post on social media

Social media publications networks are required to promote your online business.

Create a services page and post thematic posts on it. All your new work should be published on the most popular social networks. Add to your renders a detailed description and message that you are looking for 3D rendering orders.

Separate your personal and professional page. You cannot publish personal photos on your business page. You do not know how a potential client can react to your personal publications, which may seem harmless to you.

Be sure to add relevant tags to your posts to promote better on social media.

Create accounts on all new social media platforms. Even if today this site is not popular, in 2-3 years there may be a massive transition to it, and you will already be there.

3. Freelance exchanges

Exchanges — are another source of orders. Choose one or several popular ones, register on it, tell about yourself and publish examples of your Renderings. With the correct promotion of an account on the exchange, it can give new customers.

But, as we already wrote above, the exchanges are very limited in their free versions, and for the full range of services you will have to pay extra and in some places not a small amount.

Prepare a message with a presentation of your 3D visualization services and send it whenever possible to your potential customers.

4. Follow the news

You always need to be aware of what is happening on the labor market, so subscribe to thematic mailings, read blogs, specialized online publications, expert advice and participate in discussions on professional topics.

Go to thematic resources on 3D graphics, see the sections with work, perhaps there you will find interesting proposals.

Be sure to prepare a message with a presentation of your 3D rendering services in different languages for mailing.

5. Feedback is very important

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find new customers, so when you finish work on your next project, make sure that the client is satisfied with your service and ask him for feedback. Don't be shy, this is normal practice. Check if you can share your review online. Feedback from real and famous customers is very important to attract new clients.

We know of cases when 3D visualizers have been working for years using only this item on our list. A satisfied client brought more and more new clients and the studio was busy all the time.

6. Sometimes money is not the main thing

We understand that the advice is not the most obvious, but very important. We do not want you to work for free, but sometimes you get caught up on such projects, participation in which pays off many times over.

If you get the chance to do something important and big with a cool team, pump up useful skills, or work side by side with industry stars, go for it, even if the money is low. This is not a waste of time, but a good experience, an investment in your own future and at least a good reputation among colleagues.

The main thing is not to forget to take an advance payment for the work, even if the project is modest in money.

10 Best Tips to find Clients for Rendering services

7. Personal network

Personal network is a social and professional activity aimed at solving complex life problems as quickly and efficiently as possible with the help of a circle of friends and acquaintances who work or have connections in one area or another. For example: to place a child in a kindergarten, find a job, meet a future spouse, and so on. Business questions for example: finding clients, hiring the best employees, attracting investors. At the same time, the essence of networking is building trusting and long-term relationships with people and mutual assistance.

Making new friends in your line of business is not only pleasant, but also very rewarding. Be sure to attend themed events where you can meet colleagues.

The ideal option would be to attend overseas events: conferences and seminars. But for this it is very important to speak English fluently.

8. You are Manager and an Artist at same time

It's good to make beautiful 3D renderings, but it's even better to sell them profitably. Unfortunately, 3D graphics schools do not teach the basics of communicating with a client, selling services and other important things for finding projects. As a result, a lot of talented 3D Artists dont have good job.

During the search for new orders, you must become a manager who needs to sell your services at the best price and the largest number of customers.

You can also hire a manager to search for new orders, but you will have to share a certain percentage. Most often they ask for 20-50% of the project. In addition, finding a good English-speaking manager who will find good and convenient orders for you, and not for him is very difficult.

9. Assemble a team

Yes, we remember that you are an independent freelancer, but one is not a warrior in the field, and you know, there is some truth in these words. Want some advice? Look not only for customers, but also potential partners from your industry.

You may receive a project that you cannot cope with alone. Then people you trust will come to the rescue. Sometimes it may be that you do not have the opportunity to finish the project, and you need a trusted person who can complete the project for you and not pick up your client.

The right people in the team are the key to the success of your business.

10. Mailing

Good old SPAM. He has not gone anywhere, and many of our colleagues started their journey with him. Sometimes, to find 1-2 orders, you need to send out 200-300 letters to potential customers, but for someone this is the easiest way.

You need to create a separate mailing address, it must contain the name of your studio (if you are a studio) or your name (if you are a freelancer).

Be sure to think over the text that you will use in your mailing letter. It should be short, informative, and credible. Contain links to your portfolio and social media. A potential customer should see who is writing to him and not be afraid of fraud.

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