How to Become a Decorator or Interior Designer

19 october 2019 year

Tips for novice decorators or designers

If you feel that you have good taste and this opinion is not only yours, but also of third-party people, then do not hesitate and try yourself in design. An experienced interior designer always knows how to reformat a bad interior into a beautiful one, he knows what needs to be changed, so start practicing.

Look, first of all, at your house or apartment through the eyes of an inexperienced but promising designer. Try to change something and imagine it in your head. Having started the thought process, now fill your thoughts with ideas: go to salons, read magazines, internet and blogs, find good literature.

How to Become a Decorator or Interior Designer

Until this becomes your main business and you have time to learn in the evenings, be sure to sign up for all kinds of free online design courses. Many different universities provide such courses.

Start mastering architectural 3D visualization as well as programs such as 3d MAX, Corona Rendeder, V-ray and others. While these are challenging programs to learn, they will come in handy when you want to draw your realistic ideas on paper. You have to learn a lot of materials and the possibilities of their use, learn to make the right compositions..

You should know everything about furniture, its varieties, design intricacies and manufacturers. Ask friends to let you practice in their apartments. Even if it takes a lot of your time and no one pays you. You must understand that having made a good design to people who will thank you, this will be a signal that you are doing well.

If you have decorated the premises several times and already understand that you are not talentless, it's time to make a portfolio. It's time to think about marketing your talent, but remember to learn something new every minute. Learn, keep up with current trends. When word of mouth or other methods bear fruit and people start recommending you, it's time to quit your main job, if any, and give yourself to your vocation - decor and design and interior design.

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